Weaver Leather Saw Scabbard Rubberized Belting with Pruner Pouch


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Fit the Fanno #FI-1700 Saw with Oversized Handle perfectly
  • The pruner pouch fits pruners 8" and smaller.
  • Each pruner pouch is securely lockstitched and riveted separately and then attached to the scabbard by a copper rivet at the top and a nickel plated rivet at the bottom.
  • A 3/8" nylon washer at blade entry point protects saw teeth and scabbard from wear.
  • Convenient nickel plated dee on back for easy attachment to a work belt or saddle.
  • Large openings on side and bottom for easy and convenient cleanout.
  • Scabbard fit the Fanno #FI-1700, Ibuki 390 and similar saws while the pruner pouch will hold a large range of pruners.

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