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treeMOTION has opened up new dimensions for tree climbers, increased freedom of movement, individual gear loops, high work-positioning comfort, improved distribution of load, special D-rings, an exchangeable rope bridge. In the treeMOTION system, the rope bridge plays an essential role as central movable suspension. Its certification and the hardware developed for it make the harness the ultimate must-have for treeclimbers.When developing treeMOTION, we drew on the wealth of experience of eight-time world champion Bernd Strasser: superior performance and simple handling are the logical results. 

Three easy-to-handle readjustment mechanisms allow users to tune the front D-rings to their individual needs. The entire forward suspension system is constantly in motion and therefore ideally geared to the body movements of the climber. The leg loops function independently, providing even greater comfort. As result of the optimised freedom of movement ensured by webbing movement through hardware, increased webbing abrasion is unavoidable. As in the case of the exchangeable rope bridge, the hip/leg connection can also be replaced in a CE-compliant manner. treeMOTION is probably the climbing harness with the longest service life.

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