New England Ropes Teufelberger Pulley Saver 2.5m

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TEUFELBERGER pulleySAVER epitomizes the evolution of the well-known multiSAVER, packing a number of familiar, but also various new features: the climbing rope moves extremely easily on the PINTO pulley, the resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER will return into its original position even after a thousand cycles, and it comes with TEUFELBERGER patented splice [slaice].The attachment as anchor point on a tree can be implemented in four different configurations, depending on the specific application: as swinging element in a double leg configuration, as choke hitch, wound around in a double leg configuration, or narrowed in a double leg configuration. TEUFELBERGER pulleySAVER has been certified to EN 795B and is ANSI Z133.1-2006 compliant. Diameter:12mm

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