Rock Exotica Aztek Pulley Set

Rock Exotica

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AZTEK Pulley Set includes 2 Pulleys, 1 Pin, and 1 Cover.

The AZTEK system has become the ultimate Personal Mechanical Advantage kit that can be configured as a 5:1, or 4:1 with a re-direct by just rotating the system. The AZTEK can be used as a pick off, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, high angle attendant tether, high angle litter scoop, load release hitch and much more. Each pulley is color coded to match with a corresponding prusik (sold separately) for quick identification. The AZTEK pulleys are machined from solid aluminum, feature swivel connection points, and utilize high efficiency bearings. This system grew out of extensive use and experimentation of small mechanical advantage systems by Ropes That Rescue and is light years ahead of anything else on the market. Made in USA.

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