ARS 13 In. Super Turbocut Curved Pruning Saw


SKU: 404115

The ARS super turbocut raker tooth saw with 13-inch curved blade features fine toothing perfect for cutting ikabana, bonsai, and delicate flower stems. Also featuring a durable marine-quality wood banana handle, the turbocut raker tooth saw is unlike conventional saw tooth saws, which are filed and alternately bent.

The ARS blade is taper ground, and each tri-edge tooth is honed to precision knife-edge sharpness. The unique patented blade allows for remarkably clean cuts, and requires far less effort than other saws. The saw also sports a hard, chrome-plated finish for an extra tough, rust resistant, wipe-clean blade.

  • Ideal saw for precision cuts of limbs up to 9 inches in diameter
  • Tri-edge tooth (Tiger Tooth) design has revolutionized the professional pruning world
  • Durable marine-quality plywood handle
  • Designed and built for professional grade applications
  • Long 13-inch blade

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