All Gear Swift Line, Dyneema Synthetic Winch Line 3/8 In. x 150 Ft.

All Gear

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All Gear, Swift Line 3/8" x 150ft Dyneema Synthetic Winch Line, #AG12SS38150 Swift Line is a 12-strand rope made from Dyneema®. A 100% UHMWPE product, it is stronger than steel wire rope size-for-size.

Fast and lightweight, UHWMPE fiber makes an excellent alternative to wire rope. Easy to splice, runs well through sheaves and has zero water absorption. Maintains its flexibility even in freezing conditions.

Covered in Husky Coat, a tough urethane coating that protects the rope from excessive abrasion and wear. 4ft protective sleeve helps prolong rope life, reinforced protective sheath on the spliced eye for enhanced durability.

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