Growth Products The Landscaper's BioNutrition 3-0-3 Granulars 8 Oz. Packet

Growth Products

SKU: 354187

Granular with Mycorrhizal technology for trees and plantings. Will condition soil structure, stimulate root growth, introduce valuable soil microbes, colonize soils with Mycorrhizal fungi, improve a soil's water retention, add essential carbon to soil & provide slow release nitrogen.

  • Now contains Endo & Ectomycorrhizal.
  • With Viterra Gelscape Polymer Gel.
  • 45 Billion Bacillus Subtilis Spores/Lb.
  • L-Amino Acid Based

Use 4 oz. per caliper inch or per 1 foot of root ball.

Mix evenly into the upper 8-10 inches of the back fill soil and no more than 8-10" away from the root ball. Pack the treated back fill firmly around the root ball. Mulch and water to soil saturation.

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