Growth Products BioNutrients Total-Pak Injectable for Trees 8 Oz. Packet

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Bio-Nutrients Total Pak contains the top performing Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae that are able to propagate in a broad range of soil temperatures including northern climates and in pH soil of 7 and above. It also contains 7 prolific Rhizosphere beneficial bacteria, a micro-nutrient package, biologically active soil conditioners, natural wetting agent and rich organic supplements. Easy to apply on existing trees and landscaped areas to reduce stress of trees, large ornamentals and other landscape materials. Mycorrhizal will improve uptake of nutrients, minerals, and absorption of water. Bacillus strains produce a variety of enzymes, PGRs and metabolites that aid in the breakdown of organic fertilizers and organic matter. Bacillus rapidly colonize the root's surface (niche occupations) and stimulate root growth, maintain healthy root system and crowd out invading pathogens.

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