Chainlock Tree Tie

Northeast Arbor Supply co

SKU: 462007

Grow healthy, strong trees and plants with the Chainlock tree tie. Professional quality "standard gauge" black rubber chain-lock tree tie support; easy to use and cut. Constructed of tough long-lasting recycled rubber. Wrap around your trees, saplings, tomatoes, or grapevines and connect to an upright support.

Once correct length is determined; slide main chain section through a link and turn sideways to lock in place. Won't cut into bark of tender young trees; keeps larger plants and trees growing upright.

Available in 3 Sizes:

#2;1/2 Inch x 100 Foot (lighter-weight support suitable for smaller plants, shrubs, and saplings)

#4;1 inch Wide x 100 Foot (Designed for trees greater than 2 In. in diameter)

#5: "Heavy Gauge";1 inch Wide x 100 Foot;(Heavy Gauge; is the strongest-weight support suitable for larger plants and trees)

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