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Getting Down to Business

Looking to become a doctor of trees?
What’s it take to be a Certified Arborist this day in age? Well, it all starts with:
Helpful Tips and Tricks
Necessary Gear & Safety Equipment
Qualifications & Training Needed
Start by learning how to become a tree care professional by clicking here!

Industry News

For all you arborists, tree care professionals and tree enthusiasts, mark your calendars!
TCIA EXPO 2017 is November 2-4th in Columbus, Ohio!
 …And don’t forget!
Learn more about TCIA EXPO 2017, here.

Safety Spotlight

Do you know that storm season is approaching us here in the Northeast? TCIA does and wants to give you a heads up! 
Winter is storm season in the northeast region of the U.S. Are you prepared? Here are a few best practices to reduce the likelihood of falling branches during storms:  
Mulch Around Your Tree
Properly Fertilize
Provide Appropriate Nutrition
Prune Your Tree
*Use an Arborist*
Certified Arborists will be able to check if your tree is structurally safe, sturdy and healthy. They can also assist in cabling or adding bracing rods to stabilize, secure and support your tree if necessary.
Cabling: “Installing galvanized steel support cables to reinforce and strengthen the upper canopy.”
Bracing Rods: “Threading steel through bolts often installed on the trunk when there are multiple leader stems or to prevent a crack from widening.”
For more information and to learn more, click here!

Featured Brand

 Working in the tree care industry is a dangerous job so you need to protect yourself with quality pieces of equipment. Arborwear not only supplies the right products to do so, but also allows arborists to do their job in a comfortable, safe and efficient way. Check out the video below and see for yourself!


For all you business folk, let’s talk strategy. Business strategy.
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