April Industry Roundup

Welcome to our First Industry Roundup

Knowing our followers, customers, and business savvy men & women are 

Getting Down to Business

Is your business booming and you'd like to keep it that way? If you're wondering what can push your business even further, listen up!

An Email Newsletter is:
The simplest and most effective way to stay in touch with your client base
Keeps your business top of mind
Allows you to promote special offers and coupons
To read more about how to communicate effectively with your audience here!


Industry News

For all you arborists, tree care professionals and tree enthusiasts, mark your calendars!
What are your plans? For yourself, your company, your yard or your crew?
Start planning and be sure to check out the Arbor Day Foundation's blog post, "Top 10 Arbor Day Nursery Trees" to see what they are, here!


Safety Spotlight

You want to build and grow a safe and successful business, right? We want you to, too. And so does TCIA! 

TCIA advises companies to hold safety meeting to cover all things necessary to do so. Here are some key featured that all serious meetings should include:  

Come up with a meeting agenda: Welcoming, introductions, safety/educational/operational topics, acknowledgements, wrap up
Vary training techniques: Keep things interesting
Provide a safety culture: Stay committed, both you and your crew
Stay informed: Keep up to date with the newest techniques, equipment and regulations
Be Prepared: Start the meeting on time, be organized and engaging

For more information and to learn more, click here!


Featured Brand

 This week's featured brand is Weaver Arborist since they keep you comfortable and safe with quality arborist supplies that work as hard as you do.

Check out the video below and see for yourself!



Talking Chain Saws with the experts!

Want to know the one thing tree care professionals need to consider when purchasing a chain saw?

Find out now!


Have A Laugh

Glad you're not a part of what's going on here? We are!



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